A poorly planned music & paging system can be inefficient and disruptive to your employees, patients, or customers. Their safety may also be at risk when it is not fully functioning. Your paging system must be planned and designed correctly for your specific business environment to make sure that your important messages can be heard and understood clearly the first time, with minimal need for repetition.

Planning and design are key to a functional music & paging system. You need to understand how to identify possible weak spots in your buildings and how to compensate for them. It is important to have an industry professional help you select a quality product and design the system that works in your physical environment?reaching all of your work zones and customer areas in the interior and exterior of your facilities.


A lot of knowledge is required to plan and design a successful system. Choosing the right equipment and mapping out your facilities correctly are just part of the story. At Communications by Johnson, we design the system that factors in and balances all aspects of your physical environment for optimal performance.

  • Acoustics and ambient noise levels
  • Speaker number, type and placement
  • Speaker coverage and identification of any weak zones
  • Volume control and amplification
  • Feedback control

Whether you are broadcasting music to shape a customer experience, paging an employee or making an urgent announcement, you can benefit from our 30+ years of experience in music & paging, telephonic, data and security systems. Call us today for a consultation at (800) 793-9394. You'll be glad you did.

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