- What Are My Savings Likely To Be With A VoIP Phone System?

Star2Star saves you money in several obvious and a few not-so-obvious ways.? 

First, most organizations see a dramatic drop in their monthly phone costs; many businesses cut their monthly phone bill in half. For customers who pay extra for services such as central office voicemail or for those who make lots of long-distance or international calls, the savings can be tremendous?by switching to a VoIP phone system. 

Second, a Star2Star VoIP phone telephone system costs a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional business communications solution. Since the Star2Star system can support hundreds of phones at a single location, and you can add phones one at a time as you grow, you never are forced to buy "too much" just to accommodate potential growth plans.? 

Third, Star2Star has tremendous multi-location features. Your?VoIP phone system can be configured so that it operates as a single, unified phone system, no matter how many locations your business has. Individual work-at-home employees can have a phone at their home that operates just like the phones in the office, so your remote offices and remote employees are now available via local extensions. Flexibility like this can result in tremendous cost savings.? 

The bottom line is that for most companies, we can install a new Star2Star VoIP phone system, including lease payments and phone service, for a monthly cost at or below what the company currently pays for traditional phone service alone.

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